Sunday, 17 March 2019

An Exciting Month for Art on the Central Coast.

Sunday 31st March Hi Tea opens at Forest of Tranquility. Guest speaker Lynn Trees from the Central Coast Potters Society and music from Natures Beat.

Shorethyme at Norah Head hosted an exhibition and fund raiser for international womens day.

Last Thursday night Ettalong was bubbling with artists and art-lovers at the Republic Gallery for the opening of an exhibition by the Makers Studio.

This Friday is another opening. The Artists Studio Co-Operative opening exhibition is happening at the Bay Gallery in Ettalong at 6pm.  Hope to see you there!

Mark your diaries for October when Whistle Hill Studios and the Forest of Tranquility are planning a collaborative exhibition at the Bay Gallery around mental health week. Please say hello if you want to be involved. Email to find out more or come to a melting pot collaboration at the Forest of Tranquility.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Forest of Tranquility - Shona Wilson Workshop - Creations by Jan with Antarctic Beech - After the Storm they could be anywhere!

Morning Tea - Emilia Krumm's healthy creations

Jan Sheddon's beautiful Creations. 

Luckily I took some photos on the iPad. Jan's borrowed camera was playing up! By Monday the little purple seeds would wash miles away with the huge storm.

Ephemeral Artwork - this one didn't last long but we have photographs.  The moral to remember " never borrow a friend's camera without detailed instructions!"

Jan selected the White Beech fruit. They don't taste any good to humans but birds love them.  This tree is very old and has survived in the protected gully against the northward drift of Australia. A survivor of a changing climate.  It prefers cool rainforest.

Below is the creative work of another artist.  She used Lilly Pilly seeds and Bangalow Palm red seeds.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Irene Anton Recycled Artwork - Three Part Harmony

It's been a great month.

We had a small but beautiful jam last melting pot before the Hi Tea.

Irene Anton is visiting from Germany and visitors to the Forest of Tranquility got to meet her up close over a Hi Tea and ask questions about her processes and work.

Irene was hosted at Whistle Hill Studios whilst creating artwork for Sculpture on the Green, Forest of Tranquility and preparing for her installation at Scenic World. You may have seen the write up in the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Weekend Magazine. We had a lot of fun creating.

24 April Hi Tea will have another guest Artist Talk where you can meet another artist up close and ask questions about processes and work. I will be popping in to play a few songs.

Email me at if you have some beautiful music you would like to play at our next melting pot jam.

Saturday - Shona's workshop - Collaborations with Nature happens. Two spaces left.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Fireflies Music and Art Workshops

Summer Approaching - Fireflies Music and Art Workshops Happening at the Forest of Tranquility

November 2014  

We are now approaching Firefly Season and live music happens in the Forest of Tranquility on Saturday and Sunday Nights once the season opens. Also look out for the range of painting weaving and sculpture workshops on offer and Hi Tea on Sundays. Bookings required so visit the Forest of Tranquility website.

Based on the Central Coast of NSW nearby to - and with direct links to - the Australian Rainforest Sanctuary, here, we celebrate Creativity  ... providing a space for artistic expression in all its forms ... encouraging Musicians, Artists, Writers ... to display, learn, teach, share, their gifts with other like-minded creative individuals.

Please explore other pages here and become a 'follower' so you can receive updates about projects and coming workshops. Like any creative process, Whistle Hill Studios  is a work in progress.  Stay tuned to discover how you can be a part of it and how we progress. 
I encourage you to visit the Forest of Tranquility website to find out about the series of workshops coming very soon by Sandy Walsh, Rhonda Castle and Shona. The various artists, sculptors and painters are very experienced and will be sharing technique, skills and guiding you in a process of creation. You can even stay in a Ti Pi on site. The workshops involve a collaboration with nature. 

Outdoor classes run through the year catering for the experienced artist as well as those dipping their toes. 

Sandy Walsh will be running a special course in January for HSC students wanting to kick start their major work with a little guidance. 

On the last Sunday of the month is a fabulous High Tea where various guest artists speak about their creations. 

If you want to book online go to Forest of Tranquility at and check out the workshops and packages TAB.  

Whistle Hill Studio Workshops
A series of workshops in the Forest of Tranquility - These run through the year usually during school holidays.
  • UKULELE IN THE FOREST in School Holidays.  For adults and children alike, this workshop is ideal for beginners.  A simple, starter program which will have you playing a song by the end of the session.  Perfect for adults alone or with a group of friends, parents or grandparents bringing the kids to the forest - bring a picnic lunch, take a walk in the forest, then return for the workshop - a perfect way to fill a day during the school holidays.  [note:  children must be accompanied by an adult] Cost:  $30 for the workshop plus $5 to hire a ukulele.   For those wishing to take the next step in learning Ukulele, we offer group intermediate classes in the Forest of Tranquility and individual tuition back at the Studio.  Details are on "The Music" page.
  • WHICH WOOD, WHAT WOOD WHY WOOD   In this workshop, you'll first be introduced to the different Australian trees and types of wood via a 15-20 minute walk; their different uses and how each produces its own unique sound; you'll learn how to listen to the sounds of nature and recreate their rhythms using timber; you'll learn the history of "instrument" timbers and how/why they were selected; and finally, their use in Totems and their spiritual significance.
Bookings are necessary and subject to numbers and weather conditions [as the Forest is a Bioclimatic environment].